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What size should I choose for slides?Updated a month ago

Archies Footwear sizing is true to size so we suggest selecting your standard running shoe size for our slides. 

Our slides are a different design to our flip flops and the fit is more relaxed. 

Our sizing is based on the US shoe sizing system. We have accurately converted our sizes into European size ranges using the Brannock device and the conversions that the big brands use. 

As there isn't a direct conversion for some sizes, we've put them in a range.  

If your half size is in our size range, please select the size range that includes your half size.  

For example, if you are an EU 39.5, then our sizes 39.5 - 40 will give you a good fit. 

If your size is not in our range, please measure your foot length and use the size chart below to find your perfect fit. 

Or measure your foot length and use our size chart below to find the best fit! (please note, the site on the video is our USA site, so it will be slightly different from our EU site.)

We offer 100% free exchanges for footwear in new condition. If by some chance the size is not right, you'll be able to exchange it for free. 

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